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Forget SMART goals

Do you help others achieve goals? Don’t leave out two key aspects for success!

Coaches, managers, teachers and parents, you are probably familiar with setting SMART goals (S-specific, M-measured, A-achievable, R-relevant, T-timed). But are you aware of the two primary problems with setting SMART goals?  

The Secret One Skill

Do you want to take your life up to the next level? YES! Well, you need to master this one skill.

Who doesn’t want more out of life? Improved work performance, better relationships and increased self growth—all accessible by acquiring one, new skill. The secret comes down to mastering one simple, powerful daily action.

Wanted: Confident, Sexy…

“I need to feel confident, sexy, grateful and successful—when I want. Give me a strategy.” That is exactly what a close friend asked of me a few days ago. My reply, “Easy.”

While you may think that your emotions are an unconscious reaction, actually, our emotional state is a conditioned behavior pattern to what we see, hear and feel. With a little practice, we can choose our emotional state every second. How successful are you at this?