Rise to the Challenge

Challenged by a relationship at work or home? Succeed with this willpower technique.


We often replay conversations with people because we communicate automatically without thinking about it. To think about something or act in different way takes energy, which requires willpower.

When we are emotionally charged, we need to concentrate to remain calm and focused. Emotionally-charged conversations, which we'll talk about next time, drain our willpower like any stress. If you want to connect better with employees, customers and loved ones, you need to approach it like learning a new task with patience and perseverance. In other words, you need to save your willpower.

Luckily, there're tried and true strategies to maintain your composure. One option is to use “If-Then” planning to prepare for potential temptations. For example, if your boss routinely challenges your ideas, then preplan your repsonses. Former head coach of the NFL team the San Francisco 49ers, Bill Walsh in his book, The Score Will Take Care of Itself, noted that  “leaders need to plan for the expect and for the unexpected.” By using an “If-Then” plan, you preserve your willpower by preemptively deciding your course of action. No energy wasted. No opportunity to be swayed by temptation. No inner conflict.

If you want to save your willpower for when you really need it, then use an “If-Then” plan so you can connect more easily with others.

 As always, I wish you the best to make each day countTM!

~Tyke Crowley