Make Each Day Count

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Be Memorable (pt 3)

Human Super Glue

Will-It-Wednesday: Firm Under Pressure

You are standing alone with all people around you. Everyone is in agreement. But something inside you is saying something different, but everyone sounds so convincing.

Will-it-Wednesday: MY _ _ _ T H DAY

Here you are, facing up looking at six feet of dirt. Surprise! It’s your DEATH day.  Feel like celebrating?

Be Memorable (pt 2)

Ensnare Your Audience: There you are again—naked.

Be Memorable (pt 1)

You are in the middle of a sea of sweaty, stuffy air. Your backside fell numb about five minutes ago as the commencement speaker finally takes the podium.

Part IV: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part IV -Creating a Culture of Success: Ken said that one of his favorite quotes is by Bill Walsh (former head coach for the NFL San Francisco 49ers) which is “Winning doesn’t just happen.”  Ken goes on to say, “Bill Walsh says that you have to create a cult

Part III: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part III: The Power of Routines: “Everyone has their routines, right?” said Ken Tucker. Yes, he is absolutely right.

PART II: Coaching, Personal Achievement and Executive Management

Part II-  A few Essential Habits for Success: If how you communicate determines your leadership abilities, then leadership also requires keystone habits.